Die Debating-Gruppe am ZG schaut zurück auf spannende Schlagabtausche und freut sich darauf, sich nach den Corona-Beschränkungen bald wieder mit anderen Schulen messen zu können – ein Rückblick:

Zeppelin-Gymnasium debating society brings it on with their first-ever interscholastic debate with Georgii-Gymnasium!

As the members of the Zeppelin-Gymnasium Debating Society were looking forward to their very first debating event, the debating seniors, Anita Dadollahi, Iva Rajic and Hannah Micke, have been preparing their speeches to represent Zeppelin-Gymnasium in a friendly debating brawl with Georgii-Gymnasium in Esslingen. Our team took the role of the proposition, the team arguing in favour of the motion: “This house welcomes the transition towards a cashless society”

The debate took place on the 4th of May. The entire club, including our teachers Mr Pelka and Ms Haid, met at the train station Stöckach at exactly 13.45. The debate started at 15.00, which meant that we could transfer to an S-Bahn without being late. As we arrived at the Georgii-Gymnasium, we were welcomed by a sign showing the way to the classroom in which the debate took place. The hosts, consisting of Ms Blank, a former colleague of Mr Pelka and the senior debaters of Georgii, were truly welcoming to us, which eased the tension upon us speakers, who felt very anxious about, before anything: representing Zeppelin-Gymnasium in the debating field. 

Because we were the proposing team, Anita opened the debate with the first speech and set a high standard for the rest of the debate. She presented two arguments and left a mark with a clever twist on a well known saying: “They say that money is the root of all evil. However, I believe that cash is the root of all evil.”. 

Part of the debating team: Iva, Bianca, Hannah, Anita, Christina
Not in the picture: Dema, Emmelie, Lew, Alex, David, Melda
Teachers trying to be in charge: Mr Pelka and Ms Haid

After the first speaker of opposition: Iva continued with a rebuttal and the third argument about how seizing the means of cash production would bring a decline in crime.

And finally, after the second speaker of the opposing team, Hannah rebutted the speaker’s argument among pointing out the flaws in the opposition’s views and sealed our arguments with a reply speech with the inclusion of the history of money in general. 

For both us and the seniors of Georgii, this was our first debate with a team of another school, which was a very important moment in our debating careers. As we anticipated the winner, the teachers who were also judging the debate, deliberated. The teams shook hands, as it fits. As it turned out, the judges decided that the most agreeable outcome should be both teams winning the debate.

We would like to thank the Georgii-Gymnasium for hosting this debate and the very warm welcome, it was a fantastic experience and we hope to repeat this event very soon!

I. Rajic, J1